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What is social media marketing and management?

Great content requires equally great platforms in order to reach and resonate with potential customers. Social media campaigns are an essential marketing method that allow you to get your products or services in front of the right people, at the right time.

Key benefits of social media marketing are that it is an affordable way of connecting with an audience, driving traffic to your website and amplifying your brand message. Social media marketing (SMM) also allows you to receive feedback from your audience and potential customers as they engage with your profile.

FEYM create innovative and targeted campaigns for social media and have experience in doing so across many different channels, some of which include:

  • Facebook – typically the most popular social media channel with an extensive range of targeting options
  • Twitter – a great channel for brief social posts as well as exploring trending topics
  • Instagram – a creative and visually engaging channel with an ever-growing audience
  • LinkedIn – the most corporate social channel for targeting decision makers within an organisation
  • Google Business – the most powerful social channel in terms of SEO

Whilst the popularity of these social media channels continues to grow, as does the importance of producing unique and interesting content. Around 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day, and so finding a topic that hasn’t already been covered is practically impossible. In order to avoid getting lost in the online universe full of articles, imagery and videos, you must ensure that your content appeals to the audience that you’re after.

If you currently, or are starting to, post to social media it is important that you manage the strategy effectively. Social media management goes beyond simply posting updates to your social profiles. It includes creating a social media schedule, to ensure updates are consistent, responding to fans and followers, engaging with other profiles, and monitoring the performance of posts over time.

What is Facebook and Instagram advertising?

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media channel of them all, with over 2 billion members. However, despite its vast population, a new algorithm put in place by Facebook has made it much harder for an audience to see business posts as news feeds now favour “personal connections” over corporate content. Thus, the importance of Facebook advertising.

Using Facebook advertising as part of your social media marketing strategy has many advantages; perhaps the greatest being that its extensive targeting features allow companies to fine-tune their audiences. Facebook’s Audience Insights tool enables you to go beyond the generic demographics such as location, age and gender to identify the specific interests and topics of conversation within your target market.

Facebook advertising is now also becoming known as one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business online; undercutting the likes of Google and other traditional advertising sites. This, accompanying its precise audience targeting features makes Facebook advertising one of the most effective online marketing methods.

You can read our full blog article on Facebook Advertising here.

Instagram is one of the most recent social media channels to become popular in the main stream. It is a creative and visually engaging platform that boasts an audience of over 800 million people, predominantly 18 to 29-year olds. Posts should be captioned and include several hashtags that will relate to your desired audience, however, creating high impact visuals is the most important factor for success when it comes to Instagram.

Instagram advertising allows you to sponsor your content in order to reach a larger and more defined target audience. It has proven success with growing brand exposure, generating website traffic and leads as well as encouraging current leads further toward conversion. According to Instagram, 60% of people say they have discovered new products by using the platform and 75% of these take further action.

See our blog articles that discuss Instagram for Businesses in more depth, or Instagram for Dentists as a more particular topic.

What is paid search (PPC)?

Paid search refers to any search process where results are dependent upon payment from advertisers. Many people associate the term with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a very specific type of business relationship which encourages hosts to display ads within search results due to their financial gain when the link is clicked. Paid search has many other names such as search engine marketing (SEM) and cost-per-impression (CPM).

They key benefit of using paid search techniques is the glaringly obvious; that your company will appear at the top of closely related search results. Research has shown that in order to be successful when it comes to search engines and generate click-throughs, your link must appear within the first 5 results. With at least the first 3 now so often being paid ads, you must have outstanding organic traffic to stand a chance of getting audiences to your site without sponsorship.

However for paid search to be effective, you need great content behind it; that’s where we come in. See how we can help with your content marketing here.

What is website development?

In order to succeed in the rapid and ever-adapting internet world, your business must have a powerful online presence. Your website will be the first port of call for the majority of your potential customers, and often will act as their deciding factor. This is why website development is vital.

The term “website development” refers to the actions of taking a design, a non-interactive “picture” of a website, and turning it into a fully functioning site, or in some cases, better functioning. Websites with simple, static pages are now considered insufficient and mundane by audiences, and competition for attention online is at an all-time high. Developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript and many other programmes in order to bring designs to life.

Our experts adopt more complex content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress that provide clients with simple ways to maintain and update websites developed for their businesses. The team at FEYM are experts in all aspects of website development; from coding creative animation, extensive back-end development, cross browser testing and many more.

Although we usually offer back-end development and front-end design as coinciding services, FEYM can tailor our focus to suit your requirements. If you’re lucky enough to have an already successful website, well designed and user-friendly, but still require a push in the right direction, FEYM can provide site audits and reports with recommendations.

You may need to think about migrating your site to an alternative CMS system. Speed is a huge component of user experience; proven by a Wall Street Journal study which found that sales increased by 1% for every 100ms shaved off page load time. Website development in this manner allows not only for faster speeds, but also higher security levels and search engine optimization.

What is website design?

In essence, website design refers to all aesthetic components of a website. Designers use a range of principles in order to achieve aesthetically pleasing websites that offer excellent user experience; these include balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency and unity. A website is a crucial marketing asset for businesses, and the design of such is very important. Without a website which epitomises the tone of voice and visual style of a brand, it is impossible to build or maintain a competitive share in today’s market.

Although we usually offer front-end design and back-end development as coinciding services, FEYM can tailor our focus to suit your requirements. Our expert website designers at FEYM get to know your brand, feeding off initial ideas to create a unique website that represents your business perfectly, having turned your vision into a reality. Website design begins with recognising the motivations and goals of your target audience, aligning business goals with user needs and formulating a wireframe design that is bespoke and creative yet easy to navigate.

With user experience at the heart of our creations, we also ensure that websites are responsive to different devices; adapting designs for both wide screen and mobile. With mobile browsing currently more relevant than ever before and around 60% of all online traffic coming through mobile devices, having an unsuitable website will significantly decrease your success with this growing customer base.


Having worked across many industries over their careers, the Directors of FEYM provide the team with the expertise and experience in order to provide top quality services to our clients. Specialist sectors include dental marketing, content marketing, recruitment marketing, retail marketing and finance marketing. Click here to meet the team


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