The term ‘employee advocacy’ refers to the brand exposure generated through employees own social influence. However, despite currently being a hot topic throughout marketing and HR departments, many companies are still failing to maximise on their employees as assets to their brand.

What is employee advocacy?

An employee advocate is someone who:

  • Generates positive exposure and raises awareness through either digital media or offline channels
  • Recommends a company’s products or services to a friend or family member
  • Represents the best interests of the company both internally and externally
  • Can help build employee ownership of the organization
  • Is an expert on your product or service and can be a credible spokesperson for your company

Why is employee advocacy important?

  • Brand messages are 24 x more likely to be shared across social media when posted by employees rather than the brand itself
  • Conversion rates are 7 x higher when leads are generated through employee advocacy
  •  21% of employees are estimated to be advocates, and an additional 33% have high potential to become employee advocates
  • 50% of employees that share content to social media also post about their employer
  • The retention rate of customers is 37% higher when they are referred by an employee advocate
  • 72% of employees who use social media as part of their sales process outperform those who don’t
  • Interest in employee advocacy has almost doubled since 2013, growing by 191%
  • 86% of employee advocates who are involved with social media say it has positively impacted their careers

5 examples of employee advocacy:

1. Sharing your brand’s content marketing efforts on social media

This is arguably the quickest and easiest way for employees to advocate your brand. Your brand should have a constantly growing archive of content, which is great for employees to share across social media, adding additional information when they post of their own social sites, and spur on conversation revolving around your brand.

If you’re struggling with that “growing archive of content” part, we can help.


2. Encourage employees to share your clients’ work

Showing support through social media engagement is a great client maintenance tool. By sharing your client’s social media post, you are showing support and developing a strong link between your brand and theirs. Having your employee also sharing clients content on their social media channel improves this even more.


3. Create a company hashtag to emphasise your work culture

Employee advocacy is also a great way to showcase your company culture; aiding you in retaining your top performing employees and piquing the interest of future applicants. Creating a hashtag that is unique to the brand allows employees to mention you when they post relevant content (take a look at why it is then important to repurpose this employee generated content).


4. Have employees tag your company’s handle in their personal social media bios

The place most frequented when viewing a social media profile is the bio; it is arguably the first, and most important, aspect that an audience will see. Having your employees tag the brand’s official handle in their social media bios will show their friends and followers that they are proud to work for you and again generates further brand awareness. This also has the added bonus of supporting SEO.


5. Encourage employees to cover events through video

If events are something that your company partake in, you can spend months or even years planning. With live video marketing on the rise, events provide the perfect opportunity for your employees to grab their phones and begin a livestream. Facebook Live, Periscope, and the newly launched Instagram Live are all great, easy-to-use platforms that employees can quickly access and share their experiences.

Where to start?

When your employees feel fulfilled in their job, chances are they’ll want to share this with their network. Employee advocacy programs make it easier and more natural for your team members to share specific, engaging examples of why they love what they do.

At FEYM we provide employee advocacy programs to ensure that companies get the maximum return on their content marketing investments.

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