For almost all dentists, word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective way of getting new patients. Speaking as a dentist myself – I hope this always remains the case! Once you’ve succeeded and have the patient through the doors by whatever means, fostering loyalty then becomes one of the most important outcomes of the patient experience.

So, what is a quick and effective way of boosting both of these key aims in your clinical practice? Yes, you’ve guessed it, a patient newsletter!

Newsletter marketing is the practice by which companies send informational and product-focused content via an emailed letter or post.

Now don’t underestimate the lowly newsletter. Just because they’ve been around for years doesn’t mean they couldn’t drastically change your practice, if executed well.


Your Marketing Strategy; Where to Begin

This can be as complex or as simple as you like and as your budget/growth plans demand, but let’s go back to basics. Put simply, a dental marketing strategy doesn’t exist without a newsletter.

Yes, they are that important. And this is why…

Information Overload!

Having so much information at our fingertips has produced a real phenomenon today called information overload, which prevents us from making decisions or taking action because we feel we have too much information on a topic. On top of this, people don’t usually think about dentistry unless they’ve received a reminder email or text or, unfortunately, if they have a dental problem. So, when treatment is advised, patients may then struggle to process the information given to them. They might leave wondering why they need a certain procedure, why it costs so much and what their other options really are. This can dramatically affect treatment uptake.

Newsletters are a fantastic way of helping patients to relate to the services you provide, so recommendations for treatment when they come along are understood more easily and trusted. They also remind patients between recalls about their dental health, keeping you ‘top of mind’ and making it more likely that they will attend recalls on time because they see the value in you and the service you provide.

Unlike the first sponsored ad that pops up on Google, the content that you distribute has infinitely more credibility.

It's a no brainer...

By sending an expertly developed and researched, high-quality newsletter, you take full advantage of the opportunity to engage your dental patients with the best oral health care news, tips and advice every month along with human interest stories about staff and patients alike. Not only will you engage and educate your patients, but you’ll also provide them with easy-to-read, patient-focused information they can share with their family and friends.

Don’t forget the analytics!

Among the best features of today’s eNewsletters are the comprehensive tracking and reporting analytics which allow you to see who has opened and clicked through your newsletter. You’ll see which articles generated the most clicks and engagement along with detailed data on social media engagement with your newsletter content.

Are you putting patient newsletters to work for your practice? If not, it’s time to get started. Here at FEYM Dental Marketing, we specialise in all forms of Newsletters to deliver outstanding results in terms of increasing patient recalls and uptake of treatment.

About the Author

Dr Jennifer Noone – Co-founder and Creative Director of Dental and Medical Content

Jennifer is the Creative Director for Content Creation – Dental and Medical clients. As a practicing private Dentist, Jennifer has written scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals such as Dental Update, Orthodontic Update and the BDJ. As well as being an award winning dentist Jennifer is a digital marketing expert having trained and certified in social media marketing, graphic design and video production/editing. Jennifer’s passion is to help Dental and Medical practices utilise online content and digital marketing channels to grow their patient database along with the marketing of new services and products.

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