The aim of all recruitment agencies is to get their job adverts in front of the most appropriate candidates, and to encourage them to apply. While Facebook hasn’t traditionally been used as part of a recruitment process, it is where most of the world spend a significant amount of their time online, and thus cannot be ignored.

Job postings are displayed to followers of company pages, just as normal posts, who can then share them with their own followers or individuals they know might be interested. It is for this reason that it is important that Facebook users like your company page in the first place, and the content you create and distribute will be the largest factor in the success of your page.

Facebook Jobs also allows businesses to configure the demographic targeting of job adverts based on geographic location, work history, field of study and many other elements which can ensure that your postings are seen by the most appropriate and potentially valuable candidates.


How does it work?

Posting a job to Facebook is a relatively simple process for anyone with experience of the platform, but to maximise success requires multiple actions and thus an investment of your time:

  • The job opening can only be posted by an admin of the company page, so you may need to amend your page roles
  • The candidate application process is very basic and not very customisable; they will provide their contact information, work history, education and a short answer to why they think they are a suitable candidate
  • You will then receive this information and you will be able to review applications and (depending on privacy settings) check out their Facebook profile for a more detailed perspective
  • Appropriate or successful candidates can then be contacted using the information provided in application or via the Facebook Messenger feature


Step-by-step Guide:

Open up your business page, go to ‘jobs’ in the left-hand side menu. This is where all your job postings will appear. Then click the green button ‘publish job post’.


Once the pop up appears, use the input boxes to insert all of the details of the job role (the more the better). A tip here is to try and limit the post title to ten or fewer words. Also use an eye-catching image to accompany the post, just as you would for any typical post. Even better, use a video instead of an image (read more about the importance of video content here).

The right-hand side of the pop up will show you a preview of your job post, both for desktop and mobile, which is really important to get right. The more unique and eye-catching you make the post, the more attention you will attract.


Once posted, to improve the reach of the ad to as many people as possible it’s good to encourage staff to share job postings to their personal network. The Facebook Job ad can also be shared to other social channels such as Consultants LinkedIn profiles.

Employee social media advocacy is a highly effective marketing tool (read more about employee advocacy here).


Facebook Job Paid Adverts:

Facebook job posting is free however, like all posts on Facebook you can pay to get a larger reach by promoting your job advert by boosting the job. This allows you to set advanced targeting which is not available in non-paid Facebook Job ad posts.

Example of Advanced Job Ad Audience settings:

Making Content Deliver

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